Monday, March 30, 2009

Profound Words

What are the most profound words that you have ever heard, read/seen, or thought --up to this point in your life? This was the question given to me as a participant in a public art piece at the French Embassy in Mexico City. The title of the piece is POLIFACETICA: ETNOGRAFIA GRAFICA which will be projected April 30, 2009. I am one of many artists/people who are contributing their image for this projected piece.

The word came to me easily probably because it is something that I hear daily. Assuming this new role and hearing the word spoken by my son for the first time completely changed my life forever.

What would your word(s) be?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The perfect wedding

 when two friends get married (Seena Hassouna & Brandi Flowers), write heartfelt vows, serve good food, and even better cupcakes, and surround themselves with good friends and family. This perfect wedding also happened to take place at my father and stepmother's house up on Mt. Washington in Los Angeles! I
photographed the ceremony and Shane Rymer created a unique video of the event....This is not your typical "wedding video." Shane is an amazing cameraman/writer/director/editor. I feel fortunate that he used some of my photographs in his view the video click HERE. (You can see me shooting in the video)

Not only is Seena a good friend, but he happens to be one my former students. Seena took the first photo class I taught as a graduate student at CU Boulder. At the time he was majoring in architecture. Seena was also instrumental in helping me create my MFA thesis exhibition. Without his help, I am not sure I would have graduated! I introduced Seena to my father, Craig Semingson, who is also an architect. They now work together at a firm in Los Angeles.

Seena and Brandi met on an airplane headed for Denver. The very sweet story is on Brandi's Blog. Look at her first post in 2008. Brandi is also an actress, so when she moved to Los Angeles to be with Seena she instantly had a job with my step-mother, Andrea Balen, in her film production company.

I would have to say that Seena and Brandi are definitely family! I wish them much happiness!